This Morning ON The Stephanie Miller Show

After meeting with top U.S. military commanders and members of the Iraqi government, Barack Obama said yesterday that his opposition to the surge and support for a firm timetable for the withdrawal of troops hasn’t changed. He said that if elected, “we’re going to begin to phase out our troops.”

John McCain worked yesterday to wrestle the spotlight from Barack Obama’s tour of Iraq by insisting he was right and the Dem was wrong about the war and releasing a new critical ad blaming higher gas prices on Obama.

The New York Times has rejected an op-ed that John McCain wrote defending his Iraq war policy. The piece was in response to an op-ed from Barack Obama that was published in the paper last week. The times said they couldn’t accept the piece as written, but would be “pleased…to look at another draft.”

Barack Obama cut back on his spending in June after securing the Dem presidential nomination, building up his cash on hand as GOP rival John McCain outspent him with a heavy dose of television advertising. McCain spent more than he raised in June, while Obama raised $52 million.

The White House expressed unhappiness yesterday about Iraqi leaders’ public backing for Obama’s troop withdrawal timetable, and said that Baghdad may be trying to use the U.S. presidential election as leverage in talks about the future of America’s military presence and obligations in the war.


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