Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show

I’m Home! I’m Home! I’m Home! I’m Home!

I was forced into exile in Maui!  Yes only I could bitch about being in Maui for 10 days, but I missed you so much.  Almost as much as I missed the Simon Dog who pooped in my shoes to let me know how much he cares!  Men!

Read a bunch of novels, and got reddish tannish. I’m sure that’s good for skin.  Now back to work…

Something about Impeachment flew by in an afternoon.  Then something about John Edwards having a mistress and a love child in Beverly Hills?  Equally important enough for no one to cover either.

Obama’s European Vacation apparently was in hot rotation on the cable channels.  I only had CNN Headline News to watch.  Is Nancy Grace ok?  WOW.  She makes me look like St. Francis.  But I digress.

Grandpa McNasty who has been to the same Capitals as Obama has just been, spoken to the same leaders Obama just met with trashes Obama in front of a German sausage house while Obama is at a rally in Germany speaking to 200,000 German citizens who would LOVE to stop HATING us and will if Obama is elected.

Why is this important?  Try to remember that while many of the hijackers were training in South Florida some of them were in Hamburg plotting.  We need COOPERATION from our Allies to do effective counter terrorism and a President who pays attention to things like “Osama determined to strike within the US”.  Yes,  Intel is the coin of the realm.  It can only help if our allies are on OUR side.  Geezus.

Foreclosure Phil Gramm resigns from McNasty’s campaign after he tells us we are MENTAL patients for being broke and pumping our way into the poor house and if he has his way DEBTORS PRISON.  So does that mean 20 years of friendship and nearly identical Senate voting records is just a memory now?  Yes if you listen to the Mainstream Media.  Yes it does Randi.  Oh go back to the cheese isle McSame.

But the big story is OUR FREAKIN ECONOMY!

The economy continues to slide into oblivion.  People who were making 70K are now using food pantries for the first time.

The LA Times reports:

“This is probably the most people we’ve ever seen use emergency food assistance,” said Darren Hoffman, communications director for the 35-year-old Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. “We’re seeing people who were making $70,000 a year coming into a food bank for the first time. . . . They’ve used their retirement to pay their mortgage, and gone through their savings

Screw that depressing news though.  We are on the eve of OLYMPIC MANIA.  Yes beginning next week the already cancelled news will cancel the cancelled version of the news and replace those paltry offerings with wall to wall, all day, every day GLOBAL SUMMER SPORTS!  China baby.  The Commies are gonna look better than Bush!  What a freakin pickle we’re in but there’s only 99 days left to ELECTION DAY!  Are you ready?

Can’t wait to talk to you!
Homework for Monday, July 28, 2008


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