Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show

The Economy is so bad that people are lining up at food pantries and some are beginning to get violent.  Really violent.  The Tennessee Church shooter Jim David Addison, 58 of Powell, Tennessee wrote a note prior to his rampage that left 2 dead.  In it he says that his rampage was spurred on by his inability to find a job, the cut back of his food stamp benefits and a general hatred for Liberals, hence he chose a Unitarian Church for his murder spree.

Is this the beginning of the past?

When Democrats are out of power they work to get back into power.  We protest and march, petition our government, write letters to the Editor, now we blog.  It obviously works because we won back the House of Representatives after 12 years and we are about to win the White House and Senate.  But impatient Conservatives who are out of power deal with things a tad differently.

Unempowered conservatives tend to blow up Federal Buildings, blow up Abortion clinics, shoot doctors and join militias because they imagine jack booted thugs and black helicopters are coming to get them.  They sometimes join religious cults that stockpile weapons and molest children and defend those cults to their death.  In addition disaffected conservatives have been known to assassinate civil rights leaders, and even Presidents.  What may be headed our way is not just a return to power but we may become target practice for unhappy campers who blame liberals even when they’re out of power.  What do you think?

How long after our troops return before they become despised by the conservatives who heaped loads of indignations upon them from the get go?  Deploying them in insufficient numbers, under arming them, providing them with substandard vehicles, privatizing their supply line, making them degrade prisoners and dehumanizing the people of Iraq in order to be able to do their missions?  Then when they did come home they were refused benefits, health care, and disability payments.  They were warehoused in Walter Reede and charged $8 a meal on military pay while they were forced to live in squalor.

McCain is claiming only he supports the troops and Republicans in general have BRANDED that expression as some sort of meaningless empty advertising slogan.  Aren’t they actually using the GI’s as human shields to protect themselves from their DISGRACEFUL voting records?.  Can they be very far from turning on them in public once they do come home all broken and unclean?  And will our soldiers be able to keep their rage under control without medical intervention and REAL support?

The next President will have to deal with a really bad economy, a really bad war, really badly injured soldiers and a portion of this Nation who will be seeing black helicopters very soon after the inauguration.
Homework for Tuesday, July 29, 2008


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