Today On The Rachel Maddow

Republican Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska is in some pretty big trouble politically and legally. Seven criminal indictments is nothing to laugh at. So clearly his pending trial is a game-changer for his re-election race this fall. But what we want to know is: will this latest Republican corruption scandal reverberate outside of Alaska, will it influence other congressional races as well? Maryland Congressman and Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Committee Chris Van Hollen joins Rachel live to discuss how far this story will trickle down.

And do you know how the Bush Administration plans to deal with the looming highway trust fund deficit? Do you know how they plan on handling the fact that fewer people are driving and so the government is taking in less money from the gas tax? They intend to slash public transportation funds and privatize the whole kit and caboodle. Yeah, because now that more people are taking public transportation the thing we need to do is pay less for it. Our resident infrastructure expert, Stephen Flynn, talks to Rachel about why this is perhaps not the smartest of ideas.


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