Not Fighting Back by AM1090 Listener Mel

I just heard Stephanie Miller or one of her callers say that McCain is attacking Obama with stuff that is not true.  However Obama is fighting back with stuff that is fact.  That was followed with Stephanie saying that McCain can’t continue those tactics thru November. 
I don’t think he has too continue.  The “Swift Boaters” attacked john kerry during the summer with stuff that was not true.   The news media then continued to to talk about it and some voters accepted it as truth. 
McCain probably spent $10,000 on this ad about Paris and Britany The news media’s coverage of that ad basically amounts additional coverage that is free.  Some outlets ahve actually played the ad as news.  Now some polls have Obama behind.  
I think Obama and the democrats better follow Karl Rove’s playbook if they want to win big in Novmeber.  Otherwise be prepared to listen to Grandpa McCain the next 4 years.


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