Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show

The way this Presidential campaign is being conducted is BENEATH us. We have gone through so much with Bush and Co that you would think Americans would DEMAND to hear The Republican Nominee’s plans to CHANGE COURSE. McCain voted with Bush almost 100% of the time, so he can’t talk about where we are today without implicating himself. That’s why he’s CHANGED the subject from his voting record and statements to Obamas’ character which is Obama’s strongest attribute.

John INSANEs Campaign put up a web ad portraying Obama as God like. The Chosen One! MOSES!

Watch “The One”.
If this doesn’t freak you out then you ARE a Republican.

This right after the Britney Spears/Paris Hilton comparison ad diminishing Obama as a statesman and accusations that Obama played the Race Card by rightly pointing out that he IS BLACK and McCain is trying to scare you with the “he’s not one of us” approach he’s taken.

NOTE: See Friday’s Homework section for the GOP’s History of playing the Race Card from the Southern Strategy to Harold Ford Jr. And they’ve already done it to Obama with Reverend Wright and Black liberation theology, asking if Obama is black enough, calling Obama arrogant (code for Uppity) and presumptuous , having surrogates introduce John McCain by saying “Barack Hussein Obama” in the intro.

Why are they doing this? Because it’s all they have and It works.

Over the weekend another LIE emerged. “Obama flips on Off Shore Drilling” Oh if only GOVERNING were that simple. Oil crisis? Give away even MORE off shore acres. Sure Big Oil has 44 Million acres now and they only drill on a quarter of them but give them more and THERE…DONE. Now stand back and watch the price fall at the pump. Oh for Pete’s sake.

Obama is against expanding Off Shore Drilling. Giving away more acreage is another fraudulent claim that Republicans are making. Like the Summer Gas Tax Holiday, it won’t do anything to stop the rampant speculation in the futures markets which is responsible for 60% of the increased cost and price at the pump. Exxon Mobile just made the largest PROFITS in the history of the world!

Off Shore drilling is taking place RIGHT NOW. Right this very second on millions of acres. Obama is willing to compromise by voting AS A SENATOR for a compromise bill crafted by The Gang of Ten. The Gang of Ten is 5 Senate Democrats and 5 Senate Republicans. The bill contains all the funding for investment in Alternative fuels.

Obama IS A UNITER not a DIVIDER and that is why McCain is trying to polarize and pulverize him.

Obama put his ad up to begin to tie McSame to the Secret Cheney Energy plan that failed us so miserably. While Obama is NOT a perfect person he certainly has a different record on ENERGY than McCain. Grandpa sure is a cranky fart.

Watch new Obama ad

Let’s not forget that for 25 years McCain was against off shore drilling until he was for it. When was he for it? The day Big Oil started buying him with their generous contributions. It was a GUSHER according to Campaign Money Watch


So that’s why Grandpa refuses to talk intelligently about the issues. Because if he does he loses.

McSame has been WRONG on ENERGY, WRONG ON the Bloody Oil War in IRAQ, WRONG On the deregulation of Energy futures markets, WRONG on the deregulation that caused the Foreclosure crisis, WRONG ON FUNDING FOR THE TROOPS, AND WRONG ON IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN. No wonder he wants to change the subject from HIM to OBAMA.

Obama needs to take the gloves off and begin sewing McCain to his Siamese twin, GEORGE W. BUSH immediately.

Case closed on the Anthrax attacks? A Biological agent was sent through the mail to US citizens and case closed without explanation by The President on how he solved this case?

There’s a Timeline in the HOMEWORK section so you can follow the vaccine from the lab to VaxGen to Bioport (now Emergent)

Two companies battling it out for US Contracts went AT IT BIG TIME. Bioport hired former Dick Cheney aids and spent like crazy lobbying for the contract. They got it even though their vaccine was inferior to VaxGens. Both vaccines had problems.

VaxGen and Bioport each made controversial Anthrax vaccines. Bioport used them on Gulf War soldiers who got sick years later. Bioport’s Michigan Labs were deemed unfit and the company promptly merged, moved and changed their name.

Shortly after that Bioport began lobbying the government heavily for the contract.

In the end VaxGen who had the preferred vaccine was driven out of business. VaxGen ended up SELLING THEIR VACCINE to Bioport for approximately $2M and finally in 2008 the Court ruled that Emergent (formerly Bioport) could continue to sell their vaccine to the US government for use on the Military..

Bruce Ivans was a co-inventor of the new VaxGen vaccine. He would have made money on his invention had the contract gone to VaxGen. Bruce Ivans is now being presented to us an unstable homicidal maniac, however he was allowed to continue working at Ft. Detrick until just a few weeks ago even though his therapist testified that she knew he was a “revenge killer” since 2000?

And just for grins, we found that the DNA testing done in the investigation shows that Bruce Ivans could not have made weaponized anthrax in his lab.

This reeks.
Homework for Monday, August 4, 2008


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