This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show

A group of GOP and Dem senators, dubbed “the gang of 10,” has put forth a compromise to break the stalemate on energy legislation. The plan calls for expanding drilling offshore, keeping the ban on drilling in ANWR, repealing a tax break for oil companies, and putting billions of dollars toward producing more alt-fuel vehicles.

Iraq is raking in more money from oil exports than it is spending, amassing a projected 4-year budget surplus of up to $80 billion, U.S. Auditors reported yesterday. Members of Congress are outraged, noting that D.C. is paying for reconstruction in Iraq.

President Bush, kicking off a 3-nation Asia visit, offered poverty-wracked North Korea hope today that it could share in South Korea’s economic prosperity, while warning that it first must take concrete steps to live up to a promise to end its nuclear weapons program.

Obama criticized McCain yesterday for taking a page out of “the Cheney playbook” on energy. Cheney, a former oilman, helped draft an energy policy that Obama asserted is biased in favor of tax breaks and favorable treatment of big oil.

As a part of silly season in the campaign, John McCain volunteered his wife for a topless beauty pageant to cheering crowds in Sturgis, SD yesterday, and Paris Hilton has issued a response to McCain’s commercial which featured her. She says, “that wrinkly white-haired guy used me in his campaign ad, which I guess means that I’m running for president.”


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