Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show

These are the DOG DAYS of Summer. But the next 10 weeks will be crucial if you’re interested in getting America back on track. The Economy continues to suck, Gas is still $4.00 gallon, two wars go unnoticed, wounded troops remain INVISIBLE (where are they?) and Bush is hanging with the Commies in China.

McCain was in Florida yesterday crashing into minivans with the Straight Talk Express which by the way, has an OBAMA bumper sticker on it now! Sheesh. McCain needs an official campaign bumper scraper. I’m sure he find an illegal in Florida who will do it for AMNESTY. He’s for it ya know. Or is he against it? Well it’s Thursday, so I’ll have to check

He’s also FOR Off shore drilling, after being against it for 26 YEARS.

He was Against Torture, now he’s for it.

Against Warrantless Wiretapping now he’s for it

Against Tax Cuts then for tax cuts, then against tax cuts and now is FOR RAISING FICA taxes

Against Privitizing Social Security and now he’s FOR it

FOR protecting Abortion Rights now he’s against it

Against storing Nuclear Waste at Yucca Mountain now he’s for it

Against engaging in diplomacy with Hamas now he’s for it. Against diplomacy in Syria now he’s for it. Against going after Al Qaeda in Pakistan now he’s for it. Against talking to Iran and now he’s for it. Against talking to North Korea and now he’s for it. For Liberman-Warner to curb Global Warming now he’s Against it. Both FOR and AGAINST attacking Obamas’ former Pastor. Against inflating your tires and getting a tune up, now he’s for it. FOR disclosure of campaign donations, now he’s against it. For the Iraq War because it would be quick and easy now against anyone who said Iraq would be quick and easy. Thought we were on the RIGHT COURSE in Iraq in 2004 now says he’s always been against Rumsfelds strategy in Iraq. FOR gay marriage now he’s against it. For Affirmative Action until he was against it. Against a timetable for withdrawal until he was for it, For the troops until he voted repeatedly against their body armor, helmets, vest inserts, R&R at home after a one year deployment and Senator Webb’s GI Bill.

I’m getting dizzy. Wait…I need to breath.

Ok I’m back. How is this race even close? Smear ads and a black candidate. PERIOD.

It can’t be on the “merits” of a McCain presidency. Here is his ENERGY PLAN


Here’s his Energy Plan
You get a $5,000 Tax Credit IF YOU BUY a ZERO CARBON EMISSIONS CAR? Huh?

You get a PRIZE if you invent an electric car!CALLS on automakers to make better cars!Eliminate subsidies for EthanolEnforce EXISTING CAFÉ standards

And of course his NEW STAND on Off Shore Drilling…He was against it before he was for it.

How does McCain rate on Middle Class issues?

McCain Fact Checked


How does Obama rate on Middle Class issues?

Barack Obama Fact Checked
Homework for Thursday, August 7, 2008


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