This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show

Frangela joins us in studio at 8:30am pacific to talk about all things politics and pop culture in “Fridays with Frangela.”

Seven years after being awarded the games, china was focused this morning on the beginning of the 2008 summer Olympics, kicking off the biggest and most scrutinized games in history.

Hillary Clinton assured supporters yesterday that she and Barack Obama are committed to making the party “fully unified heading into the November election.” However, when asked whether or not her name would be placed into nomination at the convention, she said, “Obama and I share the goal of ensuring that the voices of everyone who participated in this historic process are respected.”

Former President Clinton will speak at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, august 27, the night of the vice presidential nomination speech, 3 sources to CNN have said.

A man was being held in FL yesterday on charges he told classmates at a training seminar that he would kill Obama if he is elected. The threats came just days before Obama was scheduled to visit FL and were made by a person discovered to have ammunition, a handgun, and other weapons.

McCain’s campaign said yesterday it is returning $50,000 in contributions solicited by a Jordanian man. Federal regulations say a foreign national may not participate in a person’s decision-making regarding contributions.


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