AM1090’s “We The People”, Tickets Are Sold Out!

Seattle’s Progressive Talk, AM1090 presents “We The People” a Town Hall Forum examining the role we as citizens play in shaping our democracy… how we recover, and where we go from here.

***Tickets Are SOLD OUT, but Click Here to find out how you can Win A Pair***

Moderator Ron Reagan will be asking the panelists select questions from AM1090 listeners to help drive the discussion. Submit Your Question Here for consideration.

“We The People” featuring Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Rachel Maddow, Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, and Sam Seder and moderator Ron Reagan… all live at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall.

Date: Saturday August 16th
Time: 6PM-9PM
Location: Seattle Center Exhibition Hall


2 Responses

  1. what a bunch of crap, first you ignore the dates of the seattle hempfest

    and the you schedule your event on the same day-

    you charge 28.50 for each ticket! I don’t think you’LL have very many families there-or homeless people

  2. Dear Ron welcome to 1090

    What many people miss when they watch
    Sarah Palin’s address to the Alaskan Independence
    party is how in a very short speech she stresses her support for strongest held party positions.

    For example:

    The independents party basic argument for succession is based on the argument that the vote for state hood was unconstitutional.
    (she stress she strongly supports the constitution)

    They are for smaller government ( she stresses she is for smaller government.

    The independence movement has strong tie to conservative religious organization she end by saying “god bless you”

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