Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show

Cone of silence? What the heck is a cone of silence? Like a game show McCain would be in a sound proof booth, unable to hear or watch the conversation on stage. That was meant to keep the discussion fair for both candidates. Well it didn’t happen.


McCain was not in a sound proof room. Actually he was in his motorcade. McCain was in a car with a radio accompanied by a staff with blackberries. And now the “media” will take his word that he didn’t know Obama’s answers?? This is stupid. McCain has taken the low road throughout this campaign while stating he’s taking the high road. Now we are to take him at his word that he didn’t “listen in” to an event that would make or break him with Evangelicals?

And why are we having these “religious” tests anyway? Doesn’t anyone give a damn about the Constitution? Rick Warren is a Pastor. We are voting for President. So now we have to decide who won?? I’ll tell you who won. Rick Warren won. At $1,000 a ticket he won big. The American people and the US Constitution are the BIGGEST LOSERS.

I don’t dislike Rick Warren but I do believe this was a chance for him to elevate himself and he did.. Unfortunately he didn’t keep HIS word about having a fair forum. Why do we still trust MEGA CHURCH PASTORS?

We will likely get a text message this week announcing Obama’s VP choice. I want Biden and his big mouth. He’s a loose cannon because HE’S BRILLIANT. Biden is my pick and has been since he ran for the Top Job. He’s a little left of center and a foreign policy ENCYCLOPEDIA. That shuts down McCain’s’ EXPERIENCE crap instantly. GIVE ME MY BIDEN!

McCain will likely pick HIS VP the day after our Convention to steal the news cycle following a week of Democratic coverage. That’s smart, but who will he pick. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick Bobby Jindal!

The BIGGER BADDER MORE DANGEROUS issue that is getting ZERO “News coverage” is the NeoCons total demise. They have been utterly WRONG on Russia, Iraq, Iran, China and now Pakistan and the only one calling them “imbeciles” is Paul Craig Roberts. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review

But we need to have a wedge issue to make this a complete cycle of Presidential politics. Abortion anyone? GOD. Bush had it ALL. The Presidency, The House, The Senate and The Supreme Court. Abortion is still legal. Case CLOSED.
Homework for Tuesday, August 19, 2008


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