Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show

Here we go again. He doesn’t wear a Made in China flag pin ALL the time; he doesn’t put his hand over his heart when singing the National Anthem (do you?); he doesn’t LOVE HIS COUNTRY. Give it a rest for the love of God.

Obama has had enough too.

After Grumpy Grampy went to the VFW and questioned Obamas’ patriotism, Obama struck back. Enough already Mr. Panama Canal Zone!

How about a little “straight talk” on this failing economy of yours? You and your best buddy George have been in charge for 8 years! This is YOUR economic policy at work. You embraced it, you voted for it and you praise it – EVEN NOW. Phil Gramm, McNasty’s Senior Economic Adviser (yes he’s back), says it’s all in your head. Really? Really? Inflation is up 10% since last July. That, my friends, is a TAX on the Middle Class. “That’s not change we can believe in” now is it, McMoreOfTheSame?

Even serious Republicans are now backing Obama.
Watch here:

Even more Republicans for Obama

Maybe they too can smell the FASCISM

And just keep your ears open for the loud screeching. That will be the GOP tearing ass away from a McCain VP who may be pro choice. Rush wants psycho RICK SANTORUM!! Me too, fat boy, me too!
Rush: ”Why not Rick Santorum?”

I want him too!!!

Geez, these freaks…
Homework for Wednesday, August 20, 2008


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