This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show

John Podesta, Director of The Center for American Progress and former Clinton chief of staff, calls in at 9:30am eastern to talk about his new book, “The Power of Progress: How America’s Progressives Can (Once Again) Save Our Economy, Our Climate, and Our Country,” which is available in the Stephstore!

Barack Obama yesterday lambasted John McCain’s economic plan, arguing that McCain would continue President Bush’s policies and “we can’t keep on going in the same direction.”

With just days before the Vice-Presidential announcements, the political conventions, and the final sprint to election day, John McCain has cut Barack Obama’s national lead in half, according to the latest NBC News / Wall Street journal poll. Obama now holds a 3-point lead over McCain, 45-42 percent.

Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-OH) died of an aneurysm last night. She suffered a hemorrhage caused by an aneurysm while driving her car in Ohio. She had been scheduled to travel to Denver on august 24, 2008 to attend the Democratic National Convention as a superdelegate.

Tropical storm Fay churned off the east coast of Florida early today as it continued to dump heavy rain on portions of east and central Florida. The storm was expected to make its third landfall in Florida, this time possibly in the Jacksonville-Daytona Beach area.


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