This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show

Barack Obama laid out his plan to lead the country into an era of change as he accepted the Dem presidential nomination last night, securing his place in history as the first African American to lead a major party ticket.

Obama pitted himself against John McCain, repeatedly countering attacks from his GOP rival while casting the election as a choice between change and failure, as he addressed 80,000 cheering people at Invesco Field in Denver and millions of primetime television viewers.

Former Vice President Al Gore started his speech at Invesco field last night by talking about how the world would be different had he ended up in the White House in 2000. He then said that the choice between Obama and McCain is more obvious now because McCain is just recycling the policies of Bush/Cheney.

Having decided on his running mate, John McCain will soon begin making calls to the people who were on his short list for Vice President to inform them of his choice. He will introduce his running mate to the nation today at a rally in Dayton, OH.

The spinning core of tropical storm Gustav is expected to move back over open water today, a day after bearing down on Southern Jamaica. The storm is expected to strengthen to a hurricane and head for Texas and Louisiana. New Orleans has said that a mandatory evacuation might be necessary.


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