Palin’s Problems by AM1090 Listener Jennie

When I was a kid, if a politician…ANY politician had said :

“My spouse was arrested for DUI , my underage daughter is pregnant…and I’m under investigation for suspicion of violating state laws against abuse of power…..”

I can guarantee you that politician’s career would have been OVER. Not ten days, ten minutes or even ten SECONDS from now…but NOW.

Now that we have a Republican who doesn’t believe in teaching kids about safe sex (as it means they might get pregnant)…a woman who thinks the Bible belongs in public classrooms (but not any other religious book… as that might risk a theocracy, right?)….

For some odd reason, it seems that drunk driving, underage sex, unwed motherhood by children and violating the law is suddenly “OK”.

I turn on the tube this morning (to morning joe)…thinking they might be talking about the morality of these positions and what do I see? Joe and his friends sitting around worried about whether or not Pat Buchannen has been called a Nazi. Mind you, none of them DENIED it…they were just angry some unnamed person had said it.

And then, of course…they wondered what was wrong with the country…why everyone had gone so negative in politics. Nobody remembers that…prior to Nixon, Democrats and Republicans alike could disagree without damning each others morality. The policy of hate started with Nixon and has been used with increasing rapidity and tradition by Republicans for over 30 years now. Democrats are used to the name calling and wild accusations. Do the same thing to Republicans, tho…and true or not, they howl as if you’ve committed murder.

So… why is it supposedly so wrong to point out the foibles of one of the most inept and incompetent people ever to rise to public office?

It’s a weird world.


“If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck”


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