An Open Letter to the Republican Party by AM1090 Listener Dr. Jennifer E. Warren

Like it or not, confession Is good for the soul. 

Whether or not you made the personal choice to become a public figure, your gender is irrelevant.  Your private life is over. Period.  End of discussion.  If you choose to go into politics, then this means you have CHOSEN to give up any hope of a private life ever again.  Got it ?  Good.  

Not having a private life means that you CHOOSE to allow anybody and everybody to have the right to talk about you and say anything that pops into their head.  Got a kid with down’s syndrome?  Tough.  Got a pregnant teen?  Tough.  Got a problem with Broccoli ?  Tough.  It’s all grist for the mill, kiddo.  Deal with it or get out of politics.  Don’t have a clue about the constitution or the ideals of the country you claim to want to serve?  Learn it and love it or leave it.

Your career as a politician depends on your being prepared to die for it…so you should probably learn what it is you are promising to preserve, protect and defend.  It is a sacred document that you cannot say has parts which are “useless” or “unimportant”.  Don’t like it ?  Change it.  Otherwise, shut up and get out.  Seriously.

For good or ill, it is unfair to CHOOSE to become a public figure AND expect that nobody should have the RIGHT to talk about something that YOU have CHOSEN to make public.

Public life is a bed that YOU CHOOSE to make so YOU will have to lie in it.  Damning others for talking about news that YOU have CHOSEN to make public is damning them for being human.  If you are running for PUBLIC office, its generally not a good idea to damn the entire species for anything … especially when there really aren’t a lot of other species that vote.

If you are a politician, don’t pull personal tragedy like a gun to excuse your inability to answer questions.  Having a pregnant teen or an experience as a POW may not be a great experience, but using as a distraction for having no ideas, no facts and no clue should be off limits for the press to accept as a valid answer.  To do otherwise damns journalistic integrity into the pits of propaganda.  Anyone who has ever studied journalism should remember “objectivity” being part of their journalism 101 class.  Practice it.

Having a set of family values that throws family out the window anytime it interferes with the money you make by sending children to die in a holy war for oil companies… is hardly something most of us condone.  So if you have those values, stay out of politics.  Truth will out, and it’s never pretty when it does.

The question of judgment may have started with asking about Sen. McCain’s judgment, but as more details emerge about it and the Republican party continues to look the other way, the time has come to ask what the Palin choice says about the entire party’s true value’s ?  You may not like that people are talking about the private lives of public figures, but granddaddy used to say that this is the dog YOU chose to go hunting with.  Or, as Gov. Palin would say … the dog with lipstick.

It’s a shame that the republican party has become so opposed to the teaching of real science that it has ignored the most important fact which both the Holy Bible AND Darwin’s theory of evolution teach  :  genes really do set limits on both physical characteristics and behavior.

Just because Evolution doesn’t have any more place in a church than the bible has in a science classroom does NOT negate this lesson coming from either one.  Why is it important to note this area where both Science and Religion agree?  Because the ancient rule that  Blood will tell affects politics regardless of party :  If you want to know about the parents’ good judgment, look at the judgments’ made by the child and vice versa.

If you have decades of experience doing business as usual, don’t claim to offer change.  It’s such an obvious lie that only a fool would believe you…because everybody knows you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  If you have surrounded yourself with lobbyists and are saying you hate them, my granddaddy would say that you’ve put the fox in charge of the henhouse and are expecting people to believe things will improve…Grandma would put it in a simpler way :  You really need to stop sippin from that still.

Dr. Jennifer Warren


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