The Ron Reagan Show Debuts TODAY

Seattle’s Progressive Talk AM1090 is pleased to announce the launch of The Ron Reagan Show, live from our studios each weekday afternoon at 5PM beginning TODAY.

Ron has joined us via Air America during special election and convention coverage, and we’ve been pleased and excited by his insight, story-telling ability, and entertaining style. For those who don’t know of Ron, he has previously hosted radio programs in Seattle and a daily TV show on MSNBC. Ron also did a fantastic job as the moderator of this years AM1090 Townhall Forum “We The People”.

The Rachel Maddow Show will be scaling back to two hours (weekdays 3-5PM) to allow Rachel more time to bring truth to the masses through her own nightly MSNBC show. The Ron Reagan Show will follow the The Rachel Maddow Show and provide all of us with a solid one-two punch of insight, commentary, and conversation.

Lets give Ron a big welcome back to daily talk radio by flooding the show with great phone calls from AM1090 listeners. Just call the progressive talk comment line at 1 877 753 1090 at anytime during the show and press three to be connected live.

Please join us for the debut of The Ron Reagan Show, weekdays at 5PM beginning TODAY Seattle’s Progressive Talk, AM1090


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