Today On The Thom Hartmann Show

Hour one – Why is the downfall of Freddie and Fannie not considered a failure of privatization?

Hour two – Tim Graham Topic: Why is the corporate pressignoring the lies in Palin and McCain’s convention speeches and since then?

Hour Three – Cliff Arnebeck Topic: election fraud

Labor Segment Victoria Kaplan Topic:  Sweat Free Communities

Dr. Siegfried Othmer Topic: PTSD and how Homecoming for Veterans helps


One Response

  1. Listening to Tom Hartman show. Heard many callers say “I can’t believe that that many American people are that stupid!” Well, I used to say that but I have come to the conclusion that they are that stupid. The majority of the voting populus are morons when it comes to politics. I know the dems are trying to raise the bar but it’s useless. People are stupid and enjoy being stupid. It hurts.

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