Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show

Randi’s getting some much deserved R’n’R following the conventions, so I’m delighted to pick up the ball and rake the muck in her absence for a few hours today. Randi will be back on Wednesday.

If you’re wondering, I’m Brad Friedman of The BRAD BLOG, where we fight for truth, justice, accountability, election integrity and The American Way every day, along with Randi (“The American Way” not necessarily applicable in all 50 states, post-November 2000.) You may scrutinize my bio here, if you want to get really picky about it.

With the conventions out of the way, we’re officially into the home stretch now, and the only thing between here and November is less than 60 days of cheatin’, lyin’, crappy corporate media stooges and Republicans who don’t want you to vote. Don’t let that happen! Yes, you are now an officially sanctioned Community Organizer for democracy. Marching orders to be issued this afternoon from 3p – 6p ET.

Along with those marching orders, we’ll discuss today’s news, take your calls, have a few rants, and answer any of your voting and/or e-voting questions (eg. “Is there a difference between a paper trail and a paper ballot?” Yes! “How about between voter fraud and election fraud?” Yes, dammit, there is! And you better learn it between now and November 4th!)

We’ll also chat with, among others:

Adam Kokesh of Iraq Veterans Against the War (the awesome dude with the “You Can’t Win an Occupation” sign as seen everywhere during McCain’s RNC speech!)

Jeff Stein of Congressional Quarterly’s Spy Talk on the fugitive Alberto Gonzales’ lies to federal investigators about his mishandling of classified information.

Stephen Spoonamore, Republican cybersecurity expert/whistleblower on, what the hell happened in Ohio a few years ago (and even in Congress today!) and who the hell Mike Connell is and why you need to know.

And much more! So tune in, stream in, call in and Open Thread in right over here at The BRAD BLOG here if you’re inclined.

Other Stuff We’ll Likely Be Covering (aka Your Homework):

Republicans Lie About Flags from Dem Convention

AZ Election Advocate Arrested While Observing Hand-Count

CO Election Chief Resigns, Caught ‘In Bed’ With Vote Vendor

VA County Threatens Student Voters in Chilling Edict (Part of your marching orders!)

Murder, Spies & Voting Lies (Yes, it’s as hot as it sounds!)

BTW, I ran into Randi at the convention in Denver and took a few minutes to grab some goofin’ off video with her — and Jim “Voice Monkey” Ward of The Stephanie Miller Showif you feel like checking it out


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