Today On The Ron Reagan Show

Has Obama lost his mojo?
Is Bush co-opting Obama’s recommendations on Iraq and Afghanistan?

I’m talking with Rand Beers about the shifting Bush administration plans for Iraq and Afghanistan, as evidenced by Bush’s speech today.

Beers is President and Founder of the National Security Network, served as a civil servant for more than thirty years and was the National Security Adviser to the Kerry-Edwards 2004 campaign.

And, I’m speaking with Jonathan Alter, Senior Editor and Columnist at Newsweek about whether Dems are conceding too much, trying to reach across to the other side… have they let Obama lose his hero’s punch?

We’ll be taking you calls during the show on these topics as well. Call the Progressive Talk Comment Line at 1 877 753 1090 anytime during the show and press three to be connected live.


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