Today On The Rachel Maddow Show

On today’s show Rachel will be talking to our favorite nuclear weapons expert Joe Cirincione about the report released yesterday giving the Federal Government a C grade for preventing nuclear, biological and chemical weapons attacks.

And then Princeton professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell talks to Rachel about the politics of biography in this election and how Barack Obama should fight back against the latest McCain campaign attack ad on education spouting the lie that Obama favors sex education for kindergarteners.


2 Responses

  1. I am so disappointed in the RM show today. I was continue to be a supporter of Hillary Clinton for president. I stopped watching Air America during the time leading up to HRC’s withdrawal. Yet, here we are now with you and your guests still blaming Hillary for what is happening now.

    HRC was far more experienced and her work in the Senate far more significant than Senator Obama’s.

    She has shown herself to be a committed Democrat. If she had been the VP nominee the Dems would be walking away with this election. Obama’s arrogance in not considering her for that position really shows his stripes.

    I refuse to support BO as long as this sort of an attitude is prevalent among Obama’s supporters.

  2. We know that Karl Rove will go after someone’s strong point’s to pull them down….now that we have Miss-Judgement, and Miss-Take are on the ticket, what are one of their strong point’s….moral value’s…..McCains x wife Carol McCain?…..the one that got in a car accident, and later was not “Pretty” enought for John……that Ross Pero’s check book covered for her heath insurance…He starting flying over the Island’s to find his next “CheerLeader”…Cindy….how would the other guy do it…..have her “statement’s” made to cover over the next few week’s in “Conclusion”…….”Moral Value’s”… conclusion…..if the other side cared about moral values…..why did not one of them see it….make them see the face in the mirror……since they like bomb’s and bullet’s…….do you think you can make them sweat bullet’s……again, if you sit down with this women……….make it in segment’s, for several week’s……make them bast…..sweat bullet’s, give them a taste of their own “medicine”……..”Fear”…..get their strong point’s….please tell me to go to hell….or let me know you, get it…….Robert…..

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