Today On The Ron Reagan Show

It’s a doctrine and Bush made it up.

Today on The Ron Reagan Show… I’m talking with Naomi Klein, the author of the SHOCK DOCTRINE, who’ll share her views on Sarah Palin’s most recent foreign policy gaffes, including not knowing what the Bush Doctrine is and (stridently) alluding to war with Russia.

We’ll also talk about the GOP’s love of “drill baby drill” and much more.

Tune in.



2 Responses

  1. hi ron. on your show you had a lot of prop 8 callers. i am a bk wm 27 an i have lived in wa state my whole life. i was disappointed to here the bk vote was 70% for prop 8! to somewhat defend the ignorance of people who not to long ago received the right to read/write, vote, and have the simple choice to marry someone of a different color. you can thank the church for most of the brain washing since upwards of 80% or more bk folks have been immersed in the church one way or another at one time or another. now to let bk’s of the hook a little, you can’t wipe the black off but you can hide the fact that your gay or not. not to say you should, but there are still many gay and lesbians out there who are in the closet. it took violent uprisings and many a march and protest to get civil rights where they are today. until gays and lesbians stop taking no for an answer and come out to there families, bosses and country men they will be hard pressed to find themselves feeling like second class citizens. you have to fight for what is right and people have to stand up and hit the opposition where it hurts. the same way bk’s did by having boycott’s and marches. you have to organize! it will take much longer if there is no honesty and unity among the group. i am straight and married but i believe in equal rights for all. and for the straight people who feel it’s not their problem, you can and should advocate for what is right. the time will come when people can mean what they say and not be closet gays or closet bigots.

  2. […] harbor them.” You see, there was this thing called The Bush Doctrine. I seem to remember your belittling Sarah Palin on your radio show for allegedly not knowing what it was. However, the Bush quotation is still up on Wikipedia; check […]

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