Today On The Ron Regan Show

Sex, Lies and Balloon Drops
By Ron Reagan

There are two Americas. During the first week of September, I had the dubious privilege of visiting the angry, irrational one. As Hurricane Gustav swirled over the declining wetlands of Louisiana bringing a timely reminder of the Bush administration’s cronyism and incompetence, the Republican Party’s pitchfork brigades gathered in St. Paul, Minnesota to rouse themselves for one more grab at the levers of executive power. The resulting display provided ample evidence of the perils that await our nation should John McCain find his way to the White House.

By rights, this should have been McCain’s Republican convention, but he was immediately upstaged, first by circumstance then, by his own impulsiveness, ultimately leaving the Twin Cities as a virtual afterthought in the hearts and minds of delegates. The week belonged to Sarah Palin, former mayor of Wasilla (population 6715), PTA mom, pit-bull in lipstick, moose-murderer, and, for the past 21 months or so, governor of Alaska. None of these qualifications suggest suitability to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, particularly when the president is a seventy-two-year-old survivor of invasive melanoma, but in the fevered buzz at the Excel Energy Center that was either irrelevant or, perhaps, part of the rush.


3 Responses

  1. Ron Reagan, Jr., your father would be ashamed of you! If you support obama in any way, you are most definitely not from the same blood as that wonderful man who was President of the United States. You’re a disgrace to the Reagan name!

  2. I just started hearing your program on WCPT and I think you’re a decent, progressive man; HOWEVER, are you kidding me! You didn’t relate the Post’s awful monkey cartoon as being a direct racist shot at Obama?! Then, you throw in “cause I’m a white guy”. As a white woman, I’m especially offended by you basically throwing all us “white people” into your bucket of ignorance. I’m horrified by that cartoon and extremely sad and frightened as well. Please don’t laugh it off sir.

  3. Go blog on your racist hate mongering right winger sites if you want Ronnie loving folks. That’s the guy who stopped any progress to being an energy efficient country, ignored the AIDS issue, and started this mess we’re now in. Hooray for his son Ron speaking his own mind.

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