Today On The Ron Reagan Show

I’ll catch up on my French with Bernard-Henri Lévy. He’s a philosopher, journalist, activist, and filmmaker and his new book is “LEFT IN DARK TIMES: A Stand Against the New Barbarism”. I’m looking for his take on American politics – seriously: What happens if McCain wins? How will we be viewed from abroad? . . . Levy spent time over the summer in Georgia – what’s his view on the blow-up between Russia and that country? What kind of leader are Europeans looking for from America? And how do some view the rise of Gov. Sarah Palin?

It’s been quite a week so far — we hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Monday, Joseph Stiglitz (University Professor at Columbia University, winner of the 2001 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics and co-author of “The Three Trillion Dollar War: The True Cost of the Iraq Conflict” ) spoke with me about the nose-dive the US economy has taken.

Tuesday, I got a sneak peak at John Nichols report, coming out next week for The Nation magazine, on Sarah Palin’s “trooper gate” cover-up. John joined the show from Alaska where he’s spoken with reporters, locals and party officials on the Republican and Democratic side about how the McCain campaign has worked to color trooper gate partisan. What Nichols found is that the investigation into Sarah Palin by local officials is anything but that.

So tune in today for more talk.

And as always, we’ll be taking your calls.



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