Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show

Please. We’re hearing it on the phones every day. Fear! Ranging from legitimate nervousness about the future to tired, chronic whining about tactics, “Why doesn’t Obama do this? Why doesn’t he do that? All is lost! Waaaaaah!”

STOP IT. RIGHT NOW! One of the reason’s Democrats have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the past is whining and self doubt. We offer a curious America great ideas, sound policy, a new, innovative and more prosperous path, honesty, integrity and a CAN DO attitude, and then get whittled down by weak-willed doubters chewing away at their finger nails wondering cluelessly if we’re presenting the package with the right colored bow on top.

Meanwhile the opposition party MARKETING MACHINE starts their Fear and Smear TV ads telling you don’t trust that guy and oh by the way 8-12 years of REPUBLICAN FAILED IDEAS are really HIS FAILED IDEAS? WHAT? They do it to you so hard that you start wondering if maybe they’re right about OUR guy. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

McCain saw the collapse of the Stock Market and said “The fundamentals of the economy are strong”. And that the American Worker is THE FUNDAMENTAL? That doesn’t even make sense!! PLUS, John McCain has nothing but DISDAIN for AMERICAN WORKERS – “You can’t do it my friend” In the face of an dramatic and deep economic meltdown, he offers to form a GOVERNMENT COMMISSION to study the problem? HEY MCCAIN WE KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENED!! GREED. WATCH The McCain campaign proudly declares, that they “have no plan for the Economy” They don’t need one?

So what about those FUNDAMENTALS?

Unemployment in 2000 4.1% NOW 6.1% and headed higher.

US Budget had a surplus of $287B now a Deficit of $357B.


They’re going to STUDY IT. C’mon. We KNOW what happened here. DEREGULATION and NO OVERSIGHT.

Obama told you everything he had been doing and will do as President to re-regulate our Financial Institutions and end this orgy of greed. WATCH Obama laid out a plan for our Future INCLUDING the Economy, Health Care, and the Occupation of Iraq, Energy Independence, Job Creation, Infrastructure Tax Policy, Civil Rights, Education and our Veterans. McCain says he don’t need no stinking plan. because John McCain invented THE BLACKBERRY? They are perfectly happy to PRIVATIZE PROFITS AND SOCIALIZE ALL THE LOSES. LOOK AIG gets 85 Billion dollar GOVERNMENT BAIL OUT

We can’t take anymore Occupation at a Billion Dollars a month, plunder, greed, dark markets, government bail outs, black site prisons, shadowy government, crony capitalism, deregulation, privatization, wiretapping, torture, rendition, incompetence by design, no electricity, water or food for weeks after a storm, constant fear that our votes won’t count, falling wages, inflation on the rise, housing starts down, joblessness and homeless growing, health insurance that’s either not worth the paper its written on or none at all NOT even for our kids, foreclosures at almost 10,000 a day, life savings gone in a day, gas prices, food prices, education all getting out of reach.


ENOUGH with the self-pity and doubt. This time around, we’ve got the right candidate at the right time. Stay on message please.

Homework for Wednesday, Septemeber 17, 2008


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