Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show

Run. Don’t Walk. Run Run Away. Republicans are the screaming baby on the airplane, whining and crying and wetting their Grampers.

The Republicans are running away from THE REPUBLICANS.

Last night Chris Matthews took McCain surrogate Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia to the woodshed. Republicans want you to call them lots of things. Mavericks. Reformers. Change Agents. But please, if it’s just the same to you, don’t call us ‘Republicans.’ You could practically see skid marks right there on the TV.

Why? Well, if you look back over the past 8 years, you’ll see it all. Republicans sacrificing their souls and your future at the Alter of POWER. GOP Nirvana. The orgy of war and greed, death and theft, Crony Capitalism and The K Street Project.

A scheme of corruption and secrecy, back room deals and a REALLY REALLY OLD Boys Network with a pocket of Viagra screwing everything and everyone in sight with an Army of Republican Lobbyists descending on Capital Hill by the thousands like Evil Flying Monkeys.

DC lawmakers threatened with Lobbyist financed, hand picked opponents who run against you if you didn’t succumb to the Republican onlslaught on regulation and oversight obliterating any kind of accountability for crooks and liars. Hacks and hand picked “overseers” in the Justice Department so no one would ever be prosecuted on the back end. Examples made of those who talked. Skull and Bones loyalties to men who would do really bad things.

Crimes were committed, fraud perpetrated, wars begun and no one paid for any of it. The treasury bled dry, the banks bled dry, the investment banks bled dry, the American people left laying exhausted and sweating in a pile to fend for themselves because in the end it was the Republican screed “Every man for himself” posing as “good government”.

Well here we are at the bottom of the pile staring up at their desired result. Chaos everywhere. 401Ks empty, Pension Funds raped, banks either closing or merging until there will be just ONE left standing. And YOU had a front row seat at the Arena where the The American Dream was bludgeoned to death.

And then? Cheer the liberals. This is THEIR SHOW???

The deception continues even when we are writhing in agony. These bastards just stole a freight train and put it in YOUR pocket. The President is having another “Katrina” moment. You are on your own be very sure of it.

THIS is not OUR SHOW. The 1990’s were OUR show!

When you compare the peace and prosperity we enjoyed throughout the 1990s to this Carnival of Carnage the contrast is stark and wholly unrecognizable as anything American. What we see here, today is FOREIGN to us.

Think about the Clinton years when the world stood in awe of our technical prowess, our expanding economy, humming on invention and creativity, when we paid our debts and ran a surplus, when we streamlined our government, when the rich got richer and the poor got richer, when we managed to bring terrorists to justice and not take the country to war, when we had nothing to bitch about so Republicans decided to Impeach the President because of his personal life. Peace and Prosperity? We’ll show you!

AND THEY DID. They showed us dark days over eight grueling years. They showed us DEATH and DESTRUCTION. Bled us of our National Treasure. Left us alone in the dark while we drowned.

Now the Republicans who have to stand for election want to run away from their own choices, their own responsibilites, their own PARTY. It should make you GAG with sickness.

But they’re not quite finished off. They still have their Marketing Machine, and its’ subsidiary, Smear Inc. Their political operatives and caging lists. They still have a couple of arrows in the moldy quiver. A couple of rounds of bird shot to aim at your face.


The Wealth of a Nation DISAPPEARS

WHAT IS GOING ON?,8816,1842123,00.htm


New polls
75% think McCain picked Palin for Political reasons rather than qualifications! 60% would be worried if Palin had to take over
The only group where McCain wins is White and over 65

McCain calls for a commission and makes a TV commercial invoking his POW status


“The …… Republican brand is so bad right now that if it were a dog food, they’d take it off the shelf,”
Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.), in March of this year

This Is Gonna Be Bad
The Wall Street Journal says hang on. You ain’t seen nuthin yet.

After Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers the only two Investment banks left Morgan and Goldman look like their not immune either. Morgan Stanley looks for a bank to partner with and loses 25% of its stock value. Goldman Sachs loses 13% of its value.

Washington Mutual puts itself up for auction.

Investors short on confidence run away. WHERE IS THE PRESIDENT???
Homework for Thursday, September 18, 2008


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