This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show

The last two major investment banks in the U.S., Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, were granted approval from the Fed last night to change their status to bank holding companies. This lets them set up commercial banks that will take deposits and grant them permanent access to emergency loans supplied by the Fed.

Barack Obama and John McCain are virtually tied in some of the key battleground states that could decide the presidential election. The two candidates are running tight races in Florida, Ohio, and Missouri, according to polls released yesterday. McCain holds a one-point lead in Florida ahead of Obama, 47-46 percent, according to CNN’s poll of polls.

Obama and McCain have agreed to a free-flowing format for the 3 debates, which begin Friday, but McCain fought for and won a much more structured format for the V.P. debate.

Rescuers pulled more bodies from the shell of the truck-bombed Marriott Hotel in Pakistan’s capital yesterday, pushing the death toll from the terrorist strike to 53. Two U.S. Defense Department employees were among the dead. No group immediately claimed responsibility but suspicion has fallen on al-Qaida and the Pakistani Taliban.

“Mad Men” and “30 Rock” took home the top prizes at the 60th annual Primetime Emmy Awards last night – best drama series and best comedy series – while HBO’s miniseries “John Adams” set a new record with 13 trophies.


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