Today On The Ron Reagan Show

If you’re John McCain what you don’t know can’t hurt you
By Ron Reagan

Well, we’re beginning to get the picture regarding the $700 billion plus bailout being proposed by the Bush administration. It’s familiar and none too pretty. Bush, Fed Chairman Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Paulson – the same folks whose anti-regulatory ideology and blinkered ineptness helped usher in this catastrophe in the first place – are now telling us to hurry, hurry, hurry and don’t ask too many questions while they shove a dubious bailout package down our taxpaying throats.

Where have we heard this tune before, this emergency rush to enact some legislation without a real debate as to its possible consequences? After 9/11, Congress fell all over itself to give Bush unfettered authority to utilize military force as he saw fit. The result: a cascade of lies leading to one of the worst foreign policy calamities in American history.

Trust us, said White House officials, we really need broad powers to conduct espionage and if you dare question what we’re up to, that’ll mean you’re a terrorist sympathizer. Result: Congress rushes through the offensively oxymoronic Patriot Act, opening the door to illegal wiretapping of American citizens, data-mining of communications on a scale still unknown and various other gross violations of civil rights.

We’ll need to push the envelope a bit on interrogation of terrorist suspects, said Bush, Cheney and their sycophantic lawyers. Trust us, we’re doing it to keep you safe. Result: Abu Graib; Guantanamo; secret prisons; privatized torture; kidnapping; brutality; murder; national humiliation.

Now, we’re being asked to believe once more in the same crew that has proven over and over that the one thing they don’t deserve is trust. Quick, they say, no time to read the fine print, no time to ask who’ll really benefit and who will suffer.

You’ll excuse me if I’m skeptical. I’m not saying some kind of rescue package isn’t needed, just that I don’t trust the folks in charge – with good reason.

John McCain, meanwhile, has yet to escape whatever parallel universe he’s slipped into. He’s still grumbling about CEO’s taking golden parachutes while regular folks clean out their desks, which would be fine if there was any evidence he actually meant it. Mac was on the “Today Show” this morning where Meredith Viera asked him about the diamond encrusted platinum parachute his erstwhile advisor, Carly Fiorina, walked away with after driving Hewlet-Packard into the ground and putting thousands of workers on the street…

Guess if you’re John McCain what you don’t know can’t hurt you. The rest of us aren’t so lucky.


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