Tonight On The Mike Malloy Show

Three Little Pigs

There they sat before the Senate Banking Committee today. Paulson, Bernanke and Cox. Making their pitch. Looking all serious and dedicated to the fiscal health of the country. Bullshit. All they want is money. Our money. All of it. To give to their incompetent, lying, thuggish cohorts in the “financial” industry. And, they’ll probably get all they want and more. Because that is the recent track record of Congress. Arms straight up. Eyes wide shut. Bail out another fraudulent scheme concocted by predators dressed in four-thousand dollar suits. Milions of dollars, billions, now trillions handed off to criminals, thieves, polished punks.

We’ll listen to their testimony on the program tonight.

Join us at 9P Eastern Time.



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  1. Housing market value in 2000 was approximately $11 trillion (adjusted for CPI growth that number is $13.125) in 2007 that number had climbed to $21 trillion … mortgage values adjusted to back to a time of more realistic valuations show the problem to far exceed what the public is being told … that number is not $700 billion but $7.875 trillion … or over ten times worse than what people are being told …

    Instead of holding the “Bush Crime Family” responsible for destroying the fiscal health of our Country, family members Paulson and Bernanke want taxpayers to bail them out ???? …. at least Senator Bernie Sanders is talking putting special taxes on millionaires ….

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