Tonight On The Mike Malloy Show

Demons. Devils. Republicans. Oh, My.
This isn’t true. Tell me this isn’t true. A so-called “demon exorcism” performed over the Republican Vice Presidential candidate? In one of those crazed, arm-waving, tongues-speaking, nests of faux Christian end-timers, this one in Alaska? The medieval ritual performed by a Kenyan pastor who prayed for her protection from “witchcraft” as she prepared to seek higher office? What century is this? What kind of wacko craziness is slopping around inside the Republican Party now? Are they serious? America wants this sort of freakish religio-psychosis a heartbeat from the presidency? I may faint.

The video is here and it is mega creepy, otherworldly, bizarre, just absolute madness. Another video is here. Hysteria. Psychosis. Demon-haunted minds. This is what we’ve come to? Spooks? Ghosts? Devils? Linda Blair walking upside down and backwards down the staircase while her mother and poor Father Karras stare in horror? When does Sarah Palin start the green projectile vomiting? When does she go into a trance and shriek the names Abbadon? Bifrons? Lamia? in order to cast them out? When she’s asked to consider a nuclear attack on Russia after having risen to the presidency because face cancer ate McCrazy’s head? Is that when Palin screeches out the names of demons? Babbles for Jesus’ protection? Spins in circles while thunder and vile odors and otherworldly screams roll and reverberate through the White House?

I wish I could wake up. I know this is all a nightmare. The political system of my country has not sunk to this level, has not fallen into the sort of madness depicted so graphically in the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch. No way, right? It’s a sketch. A bit. That’s it! A Saturday Night Live sketch. McCain and Biden and Palin and Obama are going to towel off their makeup and there they are! Chevy Chase! and John Belushi! and Jane Curtin! and Garrett Morris! It’s all a bad dream! A nightmare! It’s a goddam television comedy show!!!! From 33 years ago!!

But, um, it isn’t. This is all so real, so absolutely real. Think not? A poll taken at AOL’s home page asked subscribers for a reaction to the video. Half of the respondents say it makes them “uneasy.” The other half says, “I don’t have a problem with it.” I don’t have a problem with it. Get it? Thousands of people, who will probably vote on November 4, have no problem with the woman who is now the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee having an invisible magic shroud draped around her to protect her from “witches” and “demons.” Arghhhhh . . .

Meanwhile, Bush and McCain and Obama are today having a sit-down to determine how deeply the penetration should go as the US taxpayer gets raped, assaulted, bludgeoned for the sake of preserving a corrupt system of predatory capitalism that is as evil as the demons that Palin believes are floating around her, nipping at her soul, biting her hair, making foul the air she breathes.

I gotta wake up . . .



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