Economic Stimulus for Main Street by AM1090 Listener Kellye

According the US Census Bureau there are 305,290,868 people living in the US.  Imagine the type of stimulus the economy would get if every person living in the US were to receive $200,000.00?  That’s only $611,581,7636.00, much less than $700 billion. 
People could keep their homes, pay off their mortgages, put kids through college, buy groceries, gas, clothing, cars, heat, vacations, furniture, tools etc…., save for retirement, buy homes, get off of welfare, kids could save for college, then first homes,
I can go on and on.  I am not sure why nobody has proposed this?  Imagine how popular either Obama or McCain would be if they got this to go through?
This is really a stimulus plan that makes sense, and would stimulate a very stagnant economy, credit market….  
Wallstreet and banks would get the majority of the money, while at the same time really helping the American people.
Imagine keeping your home, or paying off a big chunk of your mortgage? 
Imagine having no credit card debt? 
Imagine saving for retirement, and not having to work until your 80 just to make ends meet.
Am I missing something?  Why couldn’t this be done?
I think that this idea would spread like wildfire….


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  1. This idea is so effective and I very please to thank you for you post

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