Today On The Ed Schultz Show

We’ll breakdown the VP debate between Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin.

The House votes on a financial rescue plan. We’ll bring you the latest.

We’ll have your calls and the latest news.

What we saw last night was no surprise. Biden is an experienced public servant who opened
a window to his heart coupled with visionary detail. On every subject, Biden left no doubt with
his thoughtful and forceful insight to make the country better. Most effectively,
Biden dispelled the McCain myth of being a “Maverick” to average Americans.

Palin presented poise and a refreshing confidence that novice news consumers like and
feel good about although she repeatedly was short on substance and overly generic.
It was like watching a rapid fire bullet point machine supported by a smile that
has been absent from the American political stage. Her poise and innate self
confidence propelled her presentation. However, for Palin, that’s where it ended.

There were no major surprises. Both played to their strengths with Biden being the clear and concise winner.

This debate will not change the current dynamic of the race as states will continue to trend towards Obama.


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