Today On The Ron Reagan Show

The Disturbing, Pathetic Reality of this Presidential Race . . . You Betcha!

A glance at the front page of today’s New York Times leaves readers with the impression that last night’s vice presidential debate was something of a wash, more or less a tie. Not until you reach the left hand side of the op-ed section do you get a more realistic judgment–Palin was “a wildly irresponsible choice,” which is nevertheless carefully balanced on the right side (no pun intended) by a David Brooks piece declaring Palin some sort of populist victor.

It’s all so drearily predictable.

For major media outlets, there is no upside to acknowledging the obvious: Palin is a know-nothing who should only be permitted into the White House as a tourist; McCain, far from putting “country first,” has gambled our lives and futures for personal gain; this race should be declared over.

But that wouldn’t do. Tens of millions of viewers are tuning in to these debates, flipping between political chat shows. Think of the ratings! Think of the ad revenue!

Acknowledging that Palin has no business on a national ticket or that John McCain often makes no sense, and frequently resorts to lies, risks derailing the gravy train.

I suspect there is a deeper reason as well, both for media types and the general public: the disturbing, pathetic reality of this presidential race is an indictment not only of our political system but of our sorry dwindling culture as a whole. Our tolerance for the absurdity of the Palin/McCain campaign reflects a dangerous lack of seriousness, a giddy, pudding-headed insistence on addressing even a presidential election with no more attention than we give to snarfing down high fructose cheeze wizzles. Our civic life has become just another narcotizing game show. It’s not a pretty sight; no wonder so few are interested in examining it.

Things look relatively good for the Obama campaign at the moment, but with a month to go and media in robotic denial mode, not to mention the hidden “race vote”, it is still conceivable that Sarah Palin could get her hands on the nuclear codes.

And that’s pretty gorsh darn frightenin’, you betcha.


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