Tonight On the Randi Rhodes Show

It’s Friiiiiday, Ya Bastids!


Take a breath Sarah!

She looked like an absolutely terrified contestant on “Millionaire”.  However her answers would have gotten her disqualified because they were INCORRECT.  Incorrect on taxes, health care, McCains’ positions on deregulation, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea and diplomacy. You know, the great issues of our day.

The thinness of her expertise was glaring.  Frantically going through her index cards looking for just the right put down, the right attack line, the right time to use the scripted “Say it ain’t so Joe”  line.  Refusing to answer Gwen Ifills’ basic and uncomplicated questions which by the way included NO FOLLOW UPS.  See, follow up questions are what stumped Palin in the Couric interviews.  Ask a follow up question and The Palin Girl gets utterly lost and has to be led out of the woods.  She has no ability to think on her own.  She is the Palin Parrot.

This morning’s first polls give the win solidly to Joe Biden because Americans are not stupid.  Palin played to ignorance.

Joe played to Americans. Joe Biden is a person who has forgotten more about how to properly lead a nation than Sarah Palin has or ever will read off a million 3 x 5 index cards.  Joe Biden brought every minute of his Senate leadership experience with him to that stage. Joe Biden brought every minute of his life experience to that stage.  For a moment Joe Biden the Statesman allowed us to see Joe Biden the husband and father.  Sarah isn’t the only parent running for Vice President but Joe wears it better and has more success in that arena as well.

Joe’s heartbreaks and successes, his intellect and his personality, his big brain and big heart  make Joe Biden who he is.  Biden is brutally honest, wickedly smart, dazzlingly charming and extraordinarily gracious.

Joe is a man you can trust with your life.  He’s a guy I disagree with sometimes, but always respect.  He’s a guy that I argue with but I’m always grateful to have had the chance to argue with him.  Biden’s life is an informed life.  Informed by reading, studying, asking tough questions, building consensus among his peers, listening,  legislating, investigating some of the great issues of our time.  Joe has questioned Supreme Court nominees within an inch of their life, protecting our Courts from extreme Right Wing Ideologues at great expense to himself. He’s a guy you can be comfortable with and grateful for because he will sacrifice himself at the alter of power to protect Americans.

Last night I saw Joe restrained in the face of utter incompetence because he is a Gentleman.  But it seemed to me he was stunned at the shallowness of his “counterpart”.  Joe deserves a lot of credit for his kindness and decency.

Palin IS a pit bull with lipstick.  She was bred to be an attack dog.  It’s all she knows.  Hunt and kill.  I suspect an argument with Sarah would be the most frustrating thing I would ever be put through.  You can’t argue with an ignorant person who repeats Talking Points and cant’ think for herself.  You all know what I’m talking about.  We can’t do this to ourselves and I am very sure now, we won’t.

As we close the book on Vice Presidential debates for another four years, we gaze eastward from St Louis to Washington DC. Today the House will vote again on the $700 Billion Dollar….’thing’…..that’s supposed to save our economy. Stay tuned.
Homework for Friday, October 03, 2008


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