Tonight on The Ron Reagan Show

Debate Numero Dos

By all counts Sen. Obama is pulling ahead and McCain is doing his best to close the gap. Tonight as both candidates meet again for another duel, I’m talking with Tim Dickinson, contributing editor at Rolling Stone magazine, where he authors its political blog, National Affairs Daily. He’ll spell out what the “Keating 5” story was all about and why or why not it benefits the Obama campaign to bring it up.

I’ll also be joined by David Bender, Air America’s resident political guru and host of “Politically Direct, ” which airs Sundays on Air America Radio.

And, I’ll be taking your calls.


One Response

  1. There is a woman out there running for VP and instead of giving campaign speeches in the traditional way she is in fact encouraging race riots and putting ideas out there that killing an honorable man trying to get elected our next President is ok. This can only be a person not part of the 60’s when John & Bobby Kennedy and Dr. King had to die to help our nation knock down these barriers or too stupid to understand what we accomplished back then. In Sarah’s Palin’s case I say it’s both. This message has to get out to Republicans, not only Democrats, but to all US citizens, so they fully understand what kind of a person could very well be our next President. This is very serious and very, very sad. This is the very thing that puts ideas in the minds of people that are not stable. This is not how people of our county campaign for public office, especially the first and second spot. I am sure with you and all if Air America we can spread the word and try to can this dangerous type of campaigning. Thanks for listening. Marilyn from Welaka, Florida

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