Today On The Ed Schultz Show

Rep. George Miller, D-CA, joins the 2nd hour of Today’s show to discuss workers losing $2 trillion over the last 15 months.

Former Sen. Bill Bradley, D-NJ, joins the 3rd hour of Today’s show to discuss the 2nd Presidential debate.


Details vs. A Pep Talk

Barack Obama proved once again Tuesday night that he has the vision and the vital knowledge of the issues to be the next President. Obama continually laid out his plan for the country. From finance to health care to our position in the world, Obama cornered an old crafty worn out Washington insider who almost took pride in old Bush speak.

McCain was up to his old antics about Obama not understanding, yet it was McCain who lacked the crucial details for the future of America on issues and often misstated his opponent’s position.

McCain’s weakest moment was his absence of a plan and lack of concern for the uninsured in America. Meanwhile, Obama gave a strong explanation and specific examples of what his plan is to correct the course after eight years of neglect.

Obama clearly rose above a man who has never advocated for an alternative energy policy and stated the record which McCain had no answer for. Obama wins hands down.

McCain’s closing statement was his strongest moment but it reminded me of a Senate script handed out years ago in the cloak room, when in doubt of what to say, just tell ’em you love America, they can’t argue with that.


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