Tonight On The Ron Regan Show

Tonight’s the last presidential debate and I’m here in New York City for Air America’s special events coverage.

First, the latest stump speeches. . . and then I’ll be joined in studio with Politically Direct’s David Bender and later by Clout’s Richard Greene.

Post debate: we’ll have the enlightened reactions from our very own: Ron Kuby, Lionel, Thom Hartmann, Mike Papantonio, Mark Green, Jon Elliott , and Rachel Maddow.

And we’ll be taking your calls all evening.


2 Responses

  1. I am surprised McCain doesn’t internally combust. This is like a man bringing a knife (a small one) to a gun fight. It is almost sad.

    I really wish McCain had an out, because this is sad.

    the only real question is “Who looks and sounds more Presidential?”

  2. I enjoy listening to the Ron Regan show. His is right on target and has a great perspective on a lot of issues.

    I think the new Robo-Calls from the McCain campaign are a new low. More importantly, I believe it raises questions about the notion of whether McCain really is a “decent and honorable man” with leadership qualities to be President as the main stream media talking heads constantly assert. For my full comments on this and other McCain Palin matters visit

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