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A campaign short on policy, obviously angry and downright mean sits down with a thoughtful, clear, issues oriented campaign for a “debate” in the middle of one of the greatest economic downturns in our history. It would certainly have been a change for the nasty campaign if they engaged the thoughtful campaign in a constructive, solutions oriented manner, but that wasn’t happening. A decade of Karl Rove election venom and smarmy sarcasm died last night in Hempstead, New York.

Trying to appeal to “the everyman” who is writhing in pain everyday McCain seized on a thoughtful conversation that Obama had in Toledo Ohio, on the fly, outside of one of his campaign events with a man named Joe Wurzelbacher who is now known as “Joe the Plumber”. While I’ve never seen and don’t ever expect to see John McCain engaging in a conversation with any of his “base” supporters outside one of his events, Obama spent almost 6 minutes explaining to Joe the Plumber that unless his business takes in $250,000 IN PROFITS his taxes won’t go up but he WILL GET a 50% credit toward paying for his employees health insurance. That saves Joe about $6,000 per employee if they have families. If he is taking in more than $250,000 in profits in Toledo Ohio, where the average income is $43,000 a year Joe ought to be thanking his lucky stars. Joe hasn’t actually bought this business yet, but if Joe ever buys this business Joe is going to need customers with money to spend on plumbers. Otherwise we’re using Drano and a plunger.

Not good enough. McCain talked incessantly about poor Joe the Plumber. Asked Obama about Poor Joe the Plumber, eventually ended up speaking TO Joe the Plumber telling him Obama thinks “You’re rich! Congratulations Joe!” The truth is Joe the Plumber, plumbs in Toledo Ohio, where the average income is $43,000. Again, if Joe the Plumber plumbs in Toledo and he expects profits of over $250,000 Joe the Plumber is DOING VERY WELL and will have to pay 4% more in INCOME taxes but Joe the Plumber will be able to offer health insurance to his fellow plumbers with a 50% tax credit to him for doing so saving Joe about $6000 per employee.

Under McCain’s plan if Joe the Plumber ever does buy this business, everything stays the same tax wise, but for Joe’s employees Health Care benefits will be TAXED AS INCOME, so they will want RAISES cutting into Joe’s profits of $250,000. And of course Joe still has to sell his services in Toledo to people who are averaging $43,000 year.

And then there was McCain’s Ayers obsession, his disgust with Civil Rights hero Congressman John Lewis, who apologized to John McCain for “going over the line” although McCain insists he is still owed an apology, and of course ACORN the most investigated Voter Registration Organization in the history of this country. ACORN has never been found to have committed “voter fraud” despite an intense 2 year investigation by a US Justice Department Task Force set up just to investigate them beginning in 2002. Nope, no voter fraud. In fact, voter fraud in this country is so rare, you are more likely to be hit by lightening than see voter fraud in America. The REAL story here is VOTER ROLLS BEING PURGED IN OHIO, COLORADO AND INDIANA. (SEE BELOW) Eh details.

Obama was thoughtful, clear, concise and accessible. He would address an issue with “Here’s what I would do… First, Second, Third style” Even I can understand that. Obama showed a thorough understanding of the issues and it was clear he had thought deeply about the way forward for this country.

McCain just shouted at the rain.

Obama laid out his Economic Plan, lower taxes for 95% of us, help for homeowners, implement the Bailout better, faster, smarter than what we’re seeing now, pay as you go rules for Congress, a stimulus package for consumers, relief for seniors who have to withdraw from their 401Ks, lower health care costs, end the war, Congress goes back to Pay As You Go Rules etc.

McCain explained his Economic Plan, TAX CUTS and a Spending Freeze. WHA?

Obama explained his health care plan, lower costs, 50% tax credit for small business who want to cover their employees, mandate large businesses insure their employees, focus on chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, health care that focuses on prevention, get people out of emergency rooms which adds $900 to everyone’s premiums, and mandate coverage for all children giving a subsidy to families who need one to cover their kids. McCains’ health plan? Tax your benefits as income, Walk In Clinics and every man for himself.

McCain demanded Obama declare “How much would the fine for small business be if they don’t provide health care?” Answer: “Zero fines for small business. They are exempt from mandatory coverage” OUCH.

On Energy McCain sounded like a Nuclear Energy Industry lobbyist again saying “Obama wants it to be safe or something”. YIKES.

Education was a slam dunk for Obama, start earlier, fund it, remove bad teachers, reward good and great teachers, more Charter Schools, maybe even more vouchers if we could prevent that from draining public schools whose funds vouchers take, college access for anyone who wants to go Fund Headstart, Fund No Child Left Behind or scrap it. Obama really nailed the Palin puke when he said “we did the right thing mandating Special Needs Education but we never funded it.”

McCain actually accused Obama of not “paying attention” to Education issues? COVER YOUR EYES.

McCain screamed “Not enough vouchers? Ok let’s not do it!” I CAN’T LOOK.

On Supreme Court Justices Obama would pick Judges who will provide justice for all (don’t rule for the ruling class over and over) and will protect Constitutional Privacy.

McCain would have no problem appointing Pro Choice judges. THE BASE IS NOW THROWING THINGS AT THE TEE VEE.

Do NOT get “The Base” any more pissed off John McCain. Seriously…

The thing that won the night for Obama was Obama’s obvious generosity toward McCain. Agreeing with anything he could find that was agreeable about that nasty man, and then laying out his disagreements, why he disagreed and what he would do differently.

Even if Obama was off his game tonight (which he was NOT) McCain lost because he was so incredibly was rude and arrogant, snide,sarcastic and most aggregious of all DEFENSIVE. Obviously McCain is “erratic” and lies because he does NOT have a command of the issues. I think I figured out why McCain gets along with Palin. HE IS SMARTER THAN SHE IS. There are likely very few people in McCain’s world that he is smarter than.

All in all…Bob Sheiffer was wonderful. He really is the best! This was the best of the three debates I thought. NOW GO VOTE…IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BIG AND STRONG!





ACORN: The Only Fraud That Occurred Was Against ACORN Itself
Gramps insists democracy is in peril. But even a Republican prosecutor found no case….just laziness…


Joe The Plumber Obama took nearly 6 minutes with him in a crowd in Toledo to explain his tax plan. 6 minutes of actually talking one on one in a hectic crowd with a concerned American voter (and possible GOP plant….the guy raced right over to Fox after his 6 minutes of fame was over).



Is Joe The Plumber is RELATED to Charles Keating?

Here’s Your Fine, Joe: Zero
McCain repeats the lie that Obama’s health care plan fines small business that can’t provide health care; Fact: Small businesses are exempt.

Cherry Picking The Wall Street Journal
McCain claims Obama wants a single-payer healthcare system.
BUT go a little deeper and you’ll find the whole quote:

“….If I were designing a system from scratch, I would probably go ahead with a single-payer system. … [M]y attitude is let’s build up the system we got, let’s make it more efficient, we may be over time — as we make the system more efficient and everybody’s covered — decide that there are other ways for us to provide care more effectively……”

100% Negative
Obama claimed McCain’s negative campaigning was total. He was RIGHT.
Homework for Thursday, October 16, 2008


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  1. I really do not see what the big deal is on joe the plumber, and how did the media single out this guy since there are dozens of actual sites with company names of “Joe the plumber”?

    Try doing a search in google and there are loads of them, but I bet the servers for these joe the plumber sites are getting strained by the unrealistic media buzz on a political joke by McSame.

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