This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell announced yesterday that he will be voting for Barack Obama, citing the democrat’s “ability to inspire” and the “inclusive nature of his campaign.” Powell said he was concerned about the recent negative turn of McCain’s campaign, citing the campaign’s attempts to link Obama to Bill Ayers.

Barack Obama’s campaign announced yesterday that he raised $150 million in donations in September, setting a new high-water mark in campaign fundraising. The McCain campaign accepted $85 million in federal matching funds for the last two months of the campaign.

John McCain stepped up his rhetoric against his democratic rival on taxes in his weekly radio address Saturday, comparing Obama’s plan to “socialist programs.” McCain didn’t directly call Obama a socialist, but he let Joe the plumber nearly do it for him.

Sarah Palin appeared on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, along with Palin lookalike Tina Fey. The opening sketch also featured a surprise visit by Alec Baldwin, who mistook Palin for Fey. He snapped his fingers, trying to remember the nickname some have given Palin. “Caribou Barbie,” Palin reminded him.


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