Today On The Stephanie Miller Show

Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) calls in at 7:06am to talk about the election taking place two weeks from today.

Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) calls in at 8:06am to talk about the election two weeks from today.

Charles Lichtman calls in at 8:30am to talk about his efforts with the Obama campaign to protect voters in Florida.

Barack Obama will take a break from campaigning Thursday so he can visit his ailing grandmother in Hawaii. The interruption will cause Obama to cancel events in Wisconsin and Iowa. He is expected to return to the campaign on Saturday.

A new CNN/Opinion Research poll shows that nearly 60% of Americans believe McCain has unfairly gone negative in his bid for the White House. That percentage is significantly higher than it was in September, when just 42% thought McCain was too negative.

A new CNN poll shows that the race is tightening. 51% of likely voters questioned back Barack Obama for president with 46% supporting McCain. That 5 point advantage for Obama is down from an 8 point edge earlier this month.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke testified yesterday that Congress should consider passing another stimulus package with tax rebates to consumers to try to jump-start the economy.


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