Today On The Stephanie Miller Show

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) calls in at 7:30am to talk about the election and his missing bike.

Margaret Cho calls in at 8:06am to talk about her opposition to California’s proposition 8, and about her upcoming shows in Palm Springs and Long Beach.

Frangela joins us in studio at 8:30am for another edition of “Fridays with Frangela.”

Scott McClellan, the former White House Press Secretary who sharply criticized President Bush in his memoir last spring, told CNN yesterday that he’s voting for Barack Obama.

According to the Washington Post, a batch of battleground state polls released yesterday brought almost universally bad news for John McCain. His path to the presidency is now extremely precarious and may depend on something unexpected taking control of a contest that appears to have swung hard toward Barack Obama since the debates.

Stocks around the world plunged this morning, with Japan’s Nikkei Index suffering a nearly 10% drop as fears of a global recession deepened. U.S. futures, which give an indication of how markets will open when trading in New York begins, were sharply lower.

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays rebounded from a rare home loss with a 4 to 2 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies last night that tied the World Series at one game a piece.


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