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They’ll probably never make an action packed Hollywood blockbuster about the heroes we’ve seen and heard about lately. But it would be really difficult to depict the quiet determination of everyday Americans who are working so hard to change the direction of this nation. Even if the movie was a 3 hour extravaganza starring Bruce Willis and Will Smith I don’t know how fiction could compete with reality.

In Florida, everyone is struggling to digest what has happened to the Economy. Floridians have seen an enormous number of foreclosures, home auctions and people just walking away from their “castles”. Home values have plummeted and once pristine and manicured neighborhoods blighted by empty houses with boarded up windows, roof tarps and un-mowed lawns, drag down the price of everyone’s home. Staying at or finding a job in Florida has become very difficult. Families plow on taking care of their families, attending their kids soccer games and dance recitals, paying their bills as best they can, but with all that on their minds something amazing is going on. 1.2 Million Floridians have gotten in line and stayed in line for an hour, two, four and in some cases 5 just to vote. The patience and determination of Floridians is stunning and shows no sign of abating. Florida is getting their votes counted this time.

The sheer determination is so overwhelming that Florida’s Republican Governor had no choice but to end some of the voter suppression. THE PEOPLE WERE COMING!! Yesterday Governor Charlie Crist signed an Executive Order extending voting hours to 12 hours per day undoing the Republican Legislatures efforts to limit voting. Polling places still only have 2 machines however and Flordians know that. They are prepared to wait and wait and wait some more. Stunning.

In Philadelphia, people are excited to stand in 39 degree rain and sip hot coffee and stand some more and wait some more to show their fellow Pennsylvanians that the leadership of Barack Obama is what this Nation needs and that it’s ok to support this man because he will make things better.

In a nondescript telemarketing office in Indiana, where ordinary people working at an unglamorous Telemarketing Company, for hourly wages, took a look at the script for todays calls, saw virulent lies and abhorrent insults on the page they stood up and walked out. Rather than tell hideous lies about a good man, they collectively walked off their job and forfeited their paycheck for the day. Money doesn’t trump lies sometimes.

These people aren’t celebrities. There are no hordes of photographers following them. They don’t have their own cable show, they don’t have a radio show, they don’t make movies, or Tee Vee shows. They make America Good. And when America is good, America is GREAT.

They walk past the smears and racist rants of others, some of whom threaten violence. They get chewed out by the boss for being late. Then they go home after work and make phone calls to get their neighbors to vote. They educate themselves and others. They read, and they listen. They proceed with quiet dignity and the confidence that comes from being right.

We’ve seen heroes everyday in this campaign of 2008. Real heroes who made a decision to make things change in America. Who want a fair deal and another chance at the American Dream. When you are deeply committed to making a difference, it seems to me there is no way you can chose to stay safely stuck in the Matrix, below the radar.

They made their choice, and all of us are better for it. American Heros all! How many of us will honor them…. by doing exactly the same thing?

Churchill famously said : “Democracy is the worst form of government…..except for all the others.” It may not be perfect. It may not be pretty. But today we thank the heroes who have brought the best out of that ‘worst’. Now it’s our turn. And yours.


There’s only one place this vote should be decided: ON THE DANCE FLOOR!

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Homework for Wednesday, October 29, 2008


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