Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show


Today we thank John McCain for running his campaign the way he has. Why? Because The John McCain Campaign allowed us to see what a McCain Administration would look like. And may GOD HELP US ALL if that were to happen.

It was assumed that when it came to incompetence, the soon to be vacating Administration would hold the standard for years, decades to come. “W” would be the 21st Century Standard Bearer for intellectual bankruptcy, disaster capitalism, unnecessary war and suffering in general. But if McCain’s campaign was any indication of a McCain Administration, the Bush Presidency might look silly by comparison.

The McCaniacs never seemed to be ‘all there’ to begin with. The groans of disgust heard in conservative quarters the day Mitt Romney threw in the towel making McCrazy the Republican Nominee wasn’t just from suspicious right wingers who disagreed on Immigration. It was from the shrewder side of the right, who knew John McCain as an incurious chronic bumbler with a bad temper.

Strike One: The stunning and desperate choice of Sarah Palin. The unvetted political novice from some hamlet near the Arctic Circle proved McCain was not his own man. In fact it showed McCain caving to the most Radical Elements of the Conservative Party. McCains choice was made for him by Bill Kristol and his NeoCon crusie mates, fresh off the USS Oosterdam docked in Juneau. Invited to the Governors Mansion, Kristol and company warmed up to the hottie hostess wearing the hip glasses. McCain tanking in the polls, agreed to hitch his 36 year career in national politics to the Denali Diva (or whack job depending on which McCain staffer is leaking information). Someone he’d met only once. What does that tell you about his Executive decision making skills? Everything.

Strike Two: Same day flip flop as our financial markets melted. Early morning September 15th McCain declared “The Fundamentals of the Economy are Strong”. An hour later he would be forced to admit the United States was in Crisis. He would then go on to suspend his campaign, blow off David Letterman, show up on Katie Couric, cancel the Presidential Debate, and spend the night in a 5 star hotel in NY. He spent the day setting up a White House PHOTO OP and being unable to keep his story straight. Once inside the White House McCain asked no questions and offered no ideas. LEADERSHIP McCrazy style.

Strike Three: Everyday since is a tie. But the last 48 hours have been epic. Yesterday McNasty is briefed to introduce Joe The Country Music Artist wanna be at a rally in Defiance Ohio. Joe has become The McCain Campaign’s only connection to an “ordinary Joe”. Joe is a no show. Then we see that the 6,000 strong crowd was actually made up of 4,000 grade schoolers bused in to “take up space”.

The day before, The McNasties begin a savage attack on Rashid Khalidi. A Columbia professor who is half Lebanese, half Palestinian. Obama attended a going away party for Khalidi when he left The University of Chicago for his new job in New York at Columbia. Desperate to connect Obama to a “terrorist sounding” name, McCain surrogates pummel the airwaves with accusations of a “secret tape” that will show…something. It’s a tape that the LA Times got under a confidentiality agreement showing a dinner party where the guy with ARAB sounding name and the Democratic Presidential nominee where apparently nice to each other. That would do it, they assured John. That would be the thing that would make Americans forget that you have offered NO POLICY for ending the Occupation in Iraq, the Economy, Health Care or Education.

And then, YIKES! Evidence that John McCain as Chairman of the International Republican Institute funded Rashid Khalidi’s Palestinian Studies group to the tune of $448,000 while McCain was the Chairman of the IRI. And that McCain is still the Chairman of the IRI.

Silence. Even more deafening than McCain in Defiance searching the crowd for Joe.

Truth is, Rashid Khalidi is a respected Middle East scholar, American born, Christian, too, if that makes any difference who denounced violence, the PLO and The Palestinian Authority. In fact, Khalidi and Obama while cordial do NOT agree on Americas Foreign Policy. Obama is staunchly pro Israel and has demonstrated this position over and over and over and over again. Apparently it is a crime to SPEAK to anyone with whom you disagree in McCainWorld. You are either with us or against us. Say that’s different.

The Truth is that John McCain has surrounded himself with a collection of mentally sloppy, second rate hacks that have stopped bothering to even mix water with their Kool Aid and are choking on it. McCains bus full of lobbyists and Rove protégés have destroyed him, and destroyed his quest for Presidency. I think it’s a very sad Truth.
Homework for Friday, October 31, 2008


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  1. Listening to Randi Rhodes on Friday night, was horrified to hear her make a racial stereotypical comment that was way out of line. The comment was
    “That’s what Black Men do, they leave . I believe it was in reference to Obama’s father. Not all black men leave, obviously. Think before you talk.

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