Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show


For years, even decades Liberals have had a love/hate relationship with over the top displays of patriotism. I love songs about America. I think America is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen and yes I dearly love our flag. I think we all share that. But there are people who have been using the flag as a propaganda tool and abandoning the principals that it symbolizes. They are “flag abusers”.

For the record: Liberals love to see the flag. We love that it flys above the Capitol, weep when it’s at half staff and bring it in at dusk, but we don’t fly two giant ones from the bed of our gas guzzling Ford F-150. Liberals do not substitute a flag for The US Constitution. Flying a flag does not excuse you from being an educated voter. Flag flying will not create one single job.

The Love it or Leave it types have stood silent, even cheered while some pretty ugly shit happened with Old Glory waving in the wind above. Faux Conservative Patriots flew flags from every ledge, antenna, pole and dirt mound while handing kingly powers to an Imperial President who abused it all. (And he had a lot). Faux Patriots sold “Club Gitmo” t-shirts to celebrate torture in a gulag where our flag flys. Faux Patriots fly a flag over “The Green Zone” where 9 Billion American dollars was stolen from American taxpayers. An American Flag flew over Abu Gharib when naked men were stacked in pyramids. Faux Patriots ran ads showing Senator Max Cleland, a Vietnam triple amputee in his wheelchair morphing into Osama bin Laden while his opponent Saxby Chambliss was smiling wearing his flag pin. Faux Patriots voted for the flag pin and against the Vet. It has been offensive to Patriots everywhere. And they showed how offensive at the ballot box on Tuesday.

For us the flag is a symbol of America. A Patriot is a person! A person who doesn’t commit “flag abuse” A Patriot has quiet determination, is focused, makes the effort, and answers the call to serve in a cause that is greater than themselves. A Patriot puts one foot in front of the other and moves toward a more perfect union.

How perfect? How about more perfect than a Unitary Executive, civil rights for some and not others, Corporate Welfare for obscenely rich people who don’t need it while more and more kids go to bed hungry in Appalachia and The Bronx. How about more perfect than belching poison into our magnificent lakes, rivers, oceans and streams? More perfect than 39th in the world for Free Speech. How would feel about a country that didn’t have one of the worst infant mortality rates outside the third world or pitiful High School graduation rates, or a shameful epidemic of bankruptcies and foreclosures? More perfect than a government that wiretaps its own citizens? Real Patriotic Americans never stop educating themselves about these obvious inequalities in America and works hard to meet these challenges.

Democrats have always been the true Patriots. Always.

We love our country when she’s right. Right her when she’s wrong. Patriotism is not waging guerrilla warfare within the United States, one American against another, complete with chest thumping, Chinese flag pins, Jesus fish and ‘Freedom Fries.

President Elect Barack Obama was joined by 1.4 Million patriots who volunteered to make calls, knock on doors, talk to neighbors and protect our election. What you saw there was Leadership meeting Patriotism. That is why he won. Conservatives will never be able to figure this out because they are FAUX Patriots. And we will never stop agitating for a more perfect union.

It’s time to ask the question. What more can we do for you President-Elect Obama. Where do you need us. How can we help you? Consider doing that on January 21, 2008. Write a letter to President Obama and ask this very important question because I know you’ll get an answer.

The attacks on our Patriotism are far from over. The good news is America finally put Faux Patriotism where it belongs, “ in the dust bin of history”. We need and want the real thing. You are the real thing! They are the illusion.

We returned to Democracy this week. The promise Americans made to each other has been kept. The vision of a more perfect union is within sight. Now we have real work to do. Raise your flag if you want to and celebrate THAT! Then ask “What can I do next?”

Homework for Friday, November 7, 2008


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