Tonight On The Mike Malloy Show

Yeah, there’s lots to question as President-elect Obama puts his team together. But, you know what? I’m declaring a moratorium on the harsh criticism.

I’ve had enough singin’ the blues, enough stress and tension and daily freak-outs from eight years of the worst president in history. I’ve had enough of the fear that comes with knowing the guy in charge couldn’t find his ass with both hands unless Cheney were there to assist. And Cheney is a war criminal.

So . . . yeah, we’ll continue to address the issues in the “Malloy manner.” The snarky, sarcastic, foul-mouthed opinions will continue as warranted. But, I want a break. I think we all do. A new sound to the program? Probably not. Just a different attitude. I would like to see Barack Obama succeed in leading this country back from the brink of collapse and on to the sort of balance we all desperately need.

Want to go along for the ride?



2 Responses

  1. Just one more ‘bot apologist….and a cowardly one at that…much easier for Malloy to change the subject.

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