This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show

***Hey everyone! ProducerChris here. We’ve got a live show today (yay!), but we will be off tomorrow and Friday. We’ll have a great Best-Of tomorrow, and Air America Radio’s Richard Greene from “Clout” will be filling in for us on Friday. Have a great Thanksgiving!!!***

Gen. Wesley Clark calls in at 6:30am to talk about the Iraq security pact and the importance of the big 3 auto makers’ survival to national security.

Mayor Virg Bernero of Lansing, Michigan calls in at 8:30am to talk about the economic hardship to his and other cities if the big 3 automakers are allowed to fail.

Several officials close to President-Elect Obama’s transition have said that Defense Secretary Robert Gates is expected to stay on the job for at least the first year of the new administration. Obama is said to be interested in some continuity at the Pentagon because the U.S. is fighting 2 wars.

President-Elect Obama said yesterday that wall street executives seeking multimillion-dollar bonuses and the leaders of Detroit’s big three automakers who last week flew to D.C. aboard private jets to ask Congress for a bailout are “tone deaf” to the concerns of the American people.

Treasury secretary Henry Paulson rolled out two new programs yesterday that would provide up to $800 billion in an effort to get more loans flowing in such critical areas as mortgage lending, credit cards, auto loans, and small business loans.

Former first lady Barbara Bush was admitted to a hospital in Houston, Texas last night after complaining of stomach pain for several days. A spokesman says all tests came back negative and that she’s fine.


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