Today On The Ed Schultz Show

The Big 3 automakers have parked their cars to testify on Capitol Hill. We’ll bring you the story.

Barack Obama is holding another press conference to announce Gov. Bill Richardson as his new Commerce Secretary. We’ll talk about it.

The Georgia Senate race could decide the balance of power for the Democrats. We’ll give you the details.


One Response

  1. Dear Big Ed and Tom Hartman, The auto makers should be forced to take the patents (which they bought up or somehow suppressed) on more efficient cars out of their mothballs, safes or wherever they have been hidden and sub- mit them to the congress or any appropriate governing body for consideration. Maybe these current managers and executives need to be replaced with workers and /or the UAW or the U.S. Maybe these current managers should be prosecuted for fraud or some related crime. Somebody should be held accountable.

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