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While idiots are still questioning Obama’s birth certificate and whether or not he’s really an American, Former Senator Bob Graham has been on the Tee Vee giving us the bad news: Bush failed in “The War on The Terror”. There is a good chance that in the next 5 years there will be a major attack using, most likely Biological Weapons. How can it be that the “Terror War Commander Guy in Chief” failed to secure “The Homeland” in 8 long miserable years? With so many “bad” Grahams please remember that MY Florida Senator Bob Graham is one of the really fine Grahams. FLASHBACK – BOB GRAHAM ON BILL MAHER JUST AFTER THE 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT WAS HEAVILY REDACTED…

Howard Fineman appearing on Countdown last night summed it up in the audio sound bite of the decade. “Bush just doesn’t care. He never cared” WATCH

On every major issue and during every major catastrophe Bush went AWOL. There were warnings ahead of Katrina, 9/11 and the Economic Meltdown, but Bush just didn’t care to understand how to make Government work at a time when we really needed it to work. Is that a violation of his Constitutional Oath? Yes it is. It that Treason? I believe so.

Even if Bush pardons everyone, he must pardon himself or leave the Country.

I don’t think there is a person in America who doesn’t want to see this man questioned under oath. Not even Texans who are likely the only Americans who still believe in that lying phony. So Texas, how’s that Hurricane Ike cleanup going? Reading the Texas newspapers one finds that 30 miles of “debris” is frozen in time. One also finds that in that “debris” are stinking corpses. Humans who were killed during Ike just lying in the rot.

What kind of people are these?

Obama is receiving National Security Briefings everyday and has plans to set up a Commission to oversee our Homeland Security. Former Florida Senator Bob Graham will likely be named Commissioner.


The Devil went down to Georgia and won. Saxby Chambliss was easily reelected yesterday mostly due to low voter turnout. There goes our Filibuster proof majority. Franken is still learning to count and deal with rejection in Minnesota. We will have as I predicted 58 Senate seats when it’s all said and done. Not bad but not Filibuster proof.

The Economic Disaster is officially GLOBAL. The next thing to go will be your CREDIT CARDS, and with only a few Companies to choose from we are at their mercy. Can you live without credit? Time to start thinking about that.

Obama is working day and night to hit the ground running. Yesterday, Obama met with Democratic Governors most of whom have Constitutional Mandates to balance their budgets. We have to hang on until January 20th and hope there is a GIANT stimulus package ready to be signed on DAY ONE or you will massive cut backs in services all across this country. Yes, we’re talking about Police, Firefighters, Teachers, Medicaid. The fundamentals of society. The Basics.

In the meantime at least there’s some joy to be had here. Toxic wives who married for money are leaving their husbands in droves. At least now you know she REALLY DID ONLY LOVE YOU FOR YOUR MONEY.

We here at The Randi Rhodes Show love you for YOU! Welcome! Coffee’s over there. Danish over there. We’ll get you through this. One day at a time!
Homework for Wednesday, December 03, 2008


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