Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show


You can’t underestimate Patrick Fitzgerald’s “gift” the other day.

When the US Attorney released his 77 page ‘complaint’ against Illinois Governor Ron Blgoge..Blogoya…ROD, he single handedly released the holiday season’s best work of non-fiction.  The Blago affidavit was purpose driven PSYCHODRAMA. It was a gift to the people of Illinois. It was a gift to the people of the United States.  It was a gift to reporters (much of the work had already been eliminated). It was a gift to talk show hosts and it was a gift to the screenwriters in Hollywood, who, if they were smart, printed out every page of that bad boy and are writing actors names along the margins.  The HBO Drama “Blago”  – Chapter One The 1.8 Billion Green Highway.  Chapter Two – Chicago Childrens Hospital. Chapter Three – Tribune.  Chapter Four – Selling a Senate Seat.

How did so many smart, powerful guys turn out to be such giant bloodsuckers?  In a word, Narcissism, the preferred coping mechanism of the self worthless.

When a person deeply believes that they are truly worthless, unworthy, unlovable the pain is crushing.  To cope with that pain they create a “special, gifted, powerful man” persona.  That special person is so special that whatever they do and however they do it is completely justified because it is “they” who are doing it and only “they” are important enough, powerful enough, smart enough to pull it off.  Everyone else is just a lazy, powerless sucker.  Without “Mr. Special” the entire enterprise would crumble. Therefore not only should you excuse his disgusting tactics, vicious demeanor, illegal behavior, you should THANK HIM.  Remember he is NOT ruthless or criminal, nor is he even cutting corners, he is merely, competitive, ambitious and gets things done.  No one else can get these things done because they are too stupid, timid or just plain small by comparison.  Mr. Special will do whatever he believes is necessary to enrich and empower himself using whatever means necessary.  It is likely that the phrase “The end does not justify the means” was coined just to capture the behavior of Narcissists.

Narcissism is a word that’s only slightly less of a mouthful than ‘Blagojevich’, but this word is one you should know, because like it or not, it’s ruling your life right now.

Blago is the perfect bookend to an era filled with men who believed at all times that they were too smart for the room.  Egos on overdrive who at some point switched off the chip in their brain that reminds them that actions have consequences, and that the difference between good and bad is not the difference between the Zen in Bono’s latest liner notes and Robert Mugabe. That’s the difference between Nirvana and Hell.  The difference between good and evil is using your position to govern for the people or using your position to feed your greed and bleed your people dry.

This country could never have been destroyed from without only from within and only by Narcissists like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush and his Bankers.

Greed is NOT good; just ask all of the Institutional Investors, Mortgage brokers, Auto executives, and Governors from Illinois.

Homework for Thursday, December 11, 2008


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