Tonight On The Randi Rhodes Show


Consumer prices are falling like a rock; new housing starts are at a 50 year low. Deflation, loss of consumer confidence and layoffs are killing the US Economy.  The Bush attack on the American Way is in full Tet Offensive.

Job loss is now causing Foreclosures in prime mortgages and Adjustable Rate mortgages are about to reset.  Get ready for the back end of the Hurricane.  Right now we’re in the Eye of the Storm.

The decisions we make right now
will mean the difference between a deep recession and a Depression.

Let the Manufacturing sector lose 3 to 5 Million jobs right now and we’re all eating Government cheese.  Even Cheney knows it would be “Hoover Time”.  But the White House fiddles while Rome burns.

Senator Kennedy?  Caroline Kennedy has made it clear.  Her days of quiet determination out of the limelight are over. She wants to come to the chamber where her father and uncle became Legend. New York Governor David Patterson has a big decision to make and he’ll make it under fire. Two other powerful political dynasties, The Cuomos and the Clintons.  Andrew Cuomo once married to Caroline’s cousin but ended in a messy divorce is interested in replacing Mrs. Clinton who is also NOT pro Kennedy mostly because Ted Kennedy took her Health Care issue from her and because it might signal the end of the already weakened grip the Clintons have on the Democratic Party.

Such drama over a Senate Seat.  We’re going broke and this is what concerns our Legislators.

Where’s my shoe?

Homework for Tuesday, December 16, 2008


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